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"I've enjoyed working alongside the CodeX team and other teachers who are very nice. The flexibility has been great!"

 -Arrjun, CodeX Tutor


Ranging Oppurtunities


CodeX teaches a plethora of different clients, meaning that you get exposure to lots of different types of work. From teaching in the exhilarating buzz of schools to teaching 1-to-1, as a teacher, you will be able to find something that suits you! As we also offer online lessons you could even start teaching from the convenience of your own home! 

Optimal Flexibility


At CodeX, we pride ourselves on being adaptable, and that applies to our teachers too! We understand your needs as a teacher and we work around your schedule meaning that you only teach at a time that fits you. 

"Being a Tutor has given me the opportunity to work closely with neurodiverse children whilst learning python myself."


-Ashia, CodeX Tutor 


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